A Coarse Walk to Twenty Five

Twenty Five, the wisdom age. I had 24 years to walk through a Louisian’s creed “Sapientia Aedificat” and a week from now I will be at my life’s novel phase. It marks the end of my past, act upon my present, and head out my future.

I was born with a common name and exist in an ordinary life but understanding came to hum my thoughts that people around me makes my reality a surge of special truth. It’s a struggle to live independently growing up without a mom, a dad who’s distant and a stubborn brother. They were my force to fight for the best life that I would want for myself. It was really dark inside of me, the loneliness that grips my heart and the influence that feeds my mind. I asked myself, “Kaya ko ba ito?” and I cried telling myself “Yes”. Everyday I keep thinking who am I, what’s my purpose, and will future plan the best for me? Queries have taken me; responses are left out, for I was blinded to appreciate others and then a whisper made me care more about what’s affirmative and not to what’s negative. This whisper is from a friend telling me “I miss you”. Each step I make, my friends walk with me thru my ups and downs. They’re always there when you need them even if you don’t ask and sometimes even if you don’t care. So I asked myself again, “Kaya ko ba talaga ito?” and I firmly said “Yes”.

My journey is all about my family, friends, and what I’ve decided. Twenty five is young adult, the part of my life that seizes change. At this point, I still have goals to hit for this is just a start. I humbly give thanks to all my friends for sharing the “walks” of my past years, I say to you all “Thank You”. Most importantly, I bow a great thank you to the Almighty Father for giving me this life and for the gift to appreciate life’s simple things.

At twenty five, I have five wishes:

A photo album. (It is still best to treasure the memories in a photo album.)

To meet my mom. (It’s been 22 years of not knowing if she’s still alive or not. I just want to see her even just for a few seconds.)

To visit St. William Parish Church. (I admit I don’t get often to go to church mass, but on my birthday I hope I can visit this church where I was baptized.)

To try parasailing or bungee jumping. (I love extreme adventures, and I want to try both of them.)

A big jar of gummy bears & gummy worms. (This helps me think when I’m working, it relieves my stress for they are fun to look at because of the shape and colours. It makes me happy.)

As I continue this walk at twenty five, there will still be rough roads and puzzle ends. I hope that my strengths are better that every time I take one step; I will carefully manage to get up when I stumble without getting wounded.

YOU made me write this journey and now I have a new start, will you still walk with me?

Always remember, “One Step, then look back.”

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