Dry Run

Words were cluttered and emotions were blurred for it was a tense with excitement; it was the perfect feeling to finally meet you. I waved my hand and smiled at you, and then you walked with me to share our outlying emotions that we’ve been holding back. Gazing was my verb, for my eyes won’t stop creating a story while you talk and never have I imagined that monochrome sight would dust into pixel of colours. It was not just a precious time at that moment but intended for a lifetime lock that only two of us would be able to unchain. Every detail was clear that gave a deep meaning to the grounds of my love.

I care so much about your struggles of pulling your arrow to its right path. I simply love the way you smile with the nice birth mark on your lips which is enticing to kiss and even pouting your lips is remarkably distinguish. I get stun every time you do the cross-eyed trick that you won’t allow me to record but its fine for we share a memorable laugh. I enjoy seeing your cute tantrums when I don’t allow you to mess up my hair. I like the way you squeeze me with your arms locking our fingers together. They are not continuity of my ‘because’ for reasons are fed by the mind and so, I love you by its meaning.

All the while I thought it was the start of our own label when you said I love you’, but when you uttered ‘parang tayo pero hindi’ gave me a stop to think. I wasn’t sure if I had to have a second thought or will just ask you. And so I asked what’s these all about because the day I chose to live the moment with you was a decision to drop all my fears, but your words were telling me to pickup those what I just waste on my sides. I nearly gave up my feelings for I only wished was your time that made me like a stranger asking for alms.

My love is the truth and I hope that all of this wouldn’t be just a lie trapped in a longing relationship for that isn’t a true love. I love not ‘because’ rather I love you followed by its meaning. It isn’t just a snap of thoughts; it is a strike of a sudden rush from a root that builds up an endless feeling. Now, I get this paranoia of the clock ticking that keeps me from thinking that you’re fading anytime soon.

Please read & listen for each letter I type now will be ended in a while. “You are a genuine gift with a heartbeat and a fragile shadow. I may not be a priority to you right now, but I hope you soon unwrap your box for the moment you will be open is the valuable time that true love will enfold you naturally. I am not a temporary, I hand my love for a lifetime. I love you.”



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