Twelve Thirty-Six

(5/1/2010 12:36:18 PM): i just wanna live the moment with you.

The emptiness is fading and the beat is arising. Just stop the moment from there, for I have a minute to feel the rush. Just ssshhh.


Uncertainty and distance that makes us feel for this need, the embrace of the moment to seize the future. But I keep asking myself, is this the beginning of my fairy tale or a real life story? For the sudden beat is caught in steels that chooses to live with limits or to step out in the open.

Downs after the moment but worries are stolen for when the right time comes you have to make a choice. Fail the fears, revive the joy and the decision will all be fulfilling.

It’s You WITH Me. I want to hold you tight in my arms and say, “Thank You for this. You maybe a piece now, but I want you to be the half of my whole.”

(5/1/2010 12:37:30 PM) I just want to be your present and future, but will never be your past.


Ang mga manunulat ng blog na ito ay magkakaibigan na lumaki ng may sari-sariling pananaw na nagdesisyong ibahagi ang kanilang mga karanasan sa kung paano nila binibigyang kulay ang magulong iko't ng buhay.