Now at Ease

For two months, I was out of this world. No fone, no internet connection, no other people to talk to other than my colleagues and instructors. We were on a strict training. Everyday was planned and scheduled - waking up and sleeping, daily exercise routine, running for kilometers, dragging boots across roads and mountain ridges during twilight, eating for only 3x a day with a viand you don't know the taste. Money, like we used to know, has no value as we are not allowed to buy (and stores are located kilometers outside the training area). It was tedious yet challenging. And if I were a complaining kid, I bet I'll quit right on the 1st week.

With the new environment came new faces. Those that are worth keeping made everyday to look forward to while the others who seem like an additional load are just as worthy as the petty talks inside the quarters. I really try to minize on that aspect as I'm not really used to it. Atleast it made us kill time easier at nights while waiting until its time to sleep.

And so I realized the value of the things around me. Simple talks with friends and family, taste of Pan de Sal, pancit canton and Sky flakes, see time on a watch or clock, read newspaper on a daily basis, set foot on a van or trike so as not to walk and the scent of fresh laundry. I missed out on many things and events - birthday celebrations, halloween parties, get togethers - things that I'm used to be always present, if not the "punong-abala" (organizer).

For the whole stay, there's one guiding principle for all of us. That is, to have the right attitude. That everything can be accomplished at a given time if you only put your mind at it, if you believe in your capabilities, in your skills. To foresight the finish line in every run, the Cloud 9 dessert in every meal, the Downy Isang Banlaw everytime I do laundry, the open time during weekends so I steal a nap. These are the simple joys of life that guided us, that molded the attitude that we have right now, and will help us serve this country with honor and passion.


Dhianz November 21, 2010 at 12:06 AM  

thanks for sharin' diz.. i think its inspiring... gusto koh ma-try yan... juz isolate myself... kahit man lang one day from technology.. see nd experience how it'll feel like.. for sure i'm missing a lot of things kc i spend more time with all these technology nd gadgets such computer... internet... anyhoo... naligaw lang here.. nd decided to follow yah.. take care nd Godbless!

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