Musings on the Road

Traffic has always been part of my life since I was in grade 1 – the time I learned that the road outside our village isn’t as friendly as what I thought it was. There’s too much pollution, noise and threat for your life. And too much stress if its raining (just like today). But I’ve come to embrace all these facts. That I’ve become comfortable with it. So much that every time I sit on a jeep, I am able to come up with my own monologue – about me, or about the people around me. Whether to appreciate or simply be sorry for having them with me. Or plan with my other self about the things we want to do on the coming weeks, on my next birthday, on the next out-of-town, or on the next Christmas party (and come up with the most creative cheer so we can enjoy another round of Pinoy Henyo). Questions come and transect my cortex. Sometimes confusing, but lately enlightening (especially these past few weeks where my reservoir of hope and good outlooks in life is draining). Whatever it is, all these years of commuting have taught me how to use this time in a better way.

Being in traffic is one of the things that people really hate. But I’ve been thankful for these moments.


Ang mga manunulat ng blog na ito ay magkakaibigan na lumaki ng may sari-sariling pananaw na nagdesisyong ibahagi ang kanilang mga karanasan sa kung paano nila binibigyang kulay ang magulong iko't ng buhay.